Five Lead Generation Misconceptions that you thought were true!

Lead Generation is one of the most important aspects of business. If you are not doing it right, then chances are that your business is not growing at a rate that you expect it to grow.

There are certain misconceptions about lead generation spread viciously in the market. In order to make the most of your strategies to get more leads, you need to get rid of these misconceptions and start working on effective strategies.

Here is a look at those misconceptions and truth related to them –

  • Spending on brand recognition

The first thing that many people will tell you do with your lead generation strategy is to start spending on creating a brand recognition. And, that could cost you a fortune. Brand recognition is important, but in today’s world spending too much money on creating just visibility in the market is not worth it. After all, you can make use of social media channels and get the brand recognition without investing too much money into it.

  • Running after new leads

Yes it is important to get new business leads, but did your ever thought how much more you can extract from the already existing clients? Returning business can be your organization’s biggest asset. But, you have been ignoring it while all the time looking for new leads. Rather than doing that start up selling your products and service to the already existing lot of clients and see how you can get ahead with your lead generation.

  • Cold calling is a thing of the past

If you thought that the digital evolution has made cold calling a thing of the past, then you are definitely wrong. The only difference that technology has brought is made the customers smart. If you can plan your calling strategy after thorough research of the market, then you can be sure to get great results with cold calling as well. There can be plenty of new ways that might have emerged, but you should begin with the tried and tested strategies first.

  • And, so is email marketing

No it is not. Being one of the most tried and tested techniques for lead generation incurring minimal costs, email marketing should be on top of your priority list for lead generation. While going for email marketing the only thing you need to keep in mind is to not forget to personalize the emails, just to add a little human touch to it. And, the results are going to be overwhelming without a doubt.

These are some of the biggest misconceptions about lead generation that could be a roadblock in your success. Start working on going against these misconceptions and see how the leads start to flow after proper implementation of the strategy.

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